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Taku Obata Drawing Book "Spectrum of the Move" (TISSUE PAPERS 06)

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【English description follows】 国内外から注目を浴びる彫刻家・小畑多丘の、ドローイングをはじめとした平面作品のクロニクルとなる初の作品集です。 B-BOYを象った大型の木彫作品を制作するかたわら「彫刻のためのスタディ」のつもりで描き始めた小畑のドローイングは、「描く」または「描くために動く」といった身体的行為への気づき、さらには画面に置いた絵具を「量として動かす」といった質量との向き合いとして捉え彫刻との共通項を見出したことによって新たな表現技法を獲得し、いつしか絵画にとどまらず、いわば「平面上の彫刻作品」とでもいうべき独自の境地に達しつつあります。 本書は、その進化の過程における8年分の膨大な作品群の一部を、制作行為に対する小畑の意識の変遷とともに収録。フィジカルでありながら無形でもある「動き」を、まるで光を波長や色といった把握可能な要素に微分するスペクトル(Spectrum)のように分解し可視化すると同時に己の身体表現としても昇華させた、B-BOY/彫刻家としての小畑の表現の核心ともいえる作品集です。 小畑作品の鮮やかな色彩を印刷で再現するのは通常は困難ですが、本作は一般的な4色印刷に、さらにパートごとに蛍光インキなどをブレンドした独自の5色印刷を採用し、できうるかぎり再現度を担保しました。 本作の制作には3年を費やしましたが、その理由のひとつは、小畑の制作が驚くべき速さで進化していくため、そのいわば「動き」を印刷面に固着させる時機を測るのが難しかったことにあります。今回ようやく形になった本作は、今後も続くであろうその進化の、ひとつの到達点のタイミングを捉えることができたものということができます。 無限に展開していく小畑多丘の制作思考を、ぜひお楽しみください。 210mm×297mm(A4判) 136ページ オールカラー 特殊プラケース入り 著者:小畑多丘 発行:安東嵩史(TISSUE Inc.) 解説:松下徹(SIDE CORE) テキスト英訳:パメラ ミキ アソシエイツ 編集:安東嵩史(TISSUE Inc.) デザイン:小田雄太(COMPOUND Inc.) 印刷:藤原印刷株式会社 【for oversea customers】 The shipping fee may go higher than 3000JPY depending on your location because of COVID situation. If so, we may contact you directly and ask for extra shipping payment. Thank you for understanding. We are pleased to introduce our brand-new publication — a chronicle of drawings and other two-dimensional works by the internationally renowned sculptor Taku Obata. While creating large wooden sculptures in the shape of B-BOY, Obata began drawing with the intention of "sketch for sculpture". But, in drawing countless sketches, he had got to an awareness that the physical act of "drawing" or "moving for the sake of drawing", as well as a confrontation with the concept of mass, such as "moving the paint on the screen as a quantity", have some common point with sculpture. And that has led him to acquire a new technique of expression, and he is on the verge of reaching a unique state of being not only a painter, but also a "sculpture on a plane". This book contains a portion of Obata's vast body of work through eight years in the process of its evolution, as well as his changing consciousness of the act of creation. This is a collection of works that can be considered the core of Obata's expression as a B-Boy/sculptor, in which he decomposes and visualizes "movement," both physical and intangible, like a spectrum that differentiates light into grasping elements such as wavelengths and colors, and at the same time sublimates it into his own physical expression. It is usually difficult to reproduce the vivid colors of Obata's work in print, but for this work, we tried unique five-color printing method that blends standard four-color printing with fluorescent and other inks for each part to ensure as much reproduction as possible. It took three years to complete this work, partly because it was difficult to measure the timing of the "movement" of Obata's work as it evolved at an astonishing speed, and partly because it was difficult to adhere the "movement" to the fixed package as a book. It can be said that this work, which has finally taken shape, captures the timing of a milestone in Obata’s continuous evolution and endlessly expanding sculptural thinking. Published by TISSUE PAPERS 210mm x 297mm Special Printing Color 136 pages Silkscreen title print in a plastic case Price ¥12,000 (excluding tax) ISBN 978-4-909287-06-9 C0071 All Drawings & Texts: Taku Obata Editor / Publisher: Takafumi Ando (TISSUE Inc.) Text Contribution: Toru Matsushita (SIDE CORE) Design: Yuta Oda (COMPOUND Inc.) Printing & Binding: Fujiwara Printing Co.

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