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石田真澄写真集「light years -光年-」(TISSUE PAPERS 03) 第二版

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長らく完売になっていた写真家・石田真澄の第一作品集「light years-光年-」の第二版を、初版から4年目にして刊行しました。 その写真家としての第一歩は、中高一貫の女子校、クラス替え一度もなしという濃密な時間をともに過ごした友人たちとの日々が「もうすぐ終わる」ことを知り、狂おしいほどの渇望でそれを写真に収め始めたこと。 それを収録し、2018年1月に刊行したのが本作「light years -光年-」です。 そこに記録された刹那の輝きと、それが「いつか終わってしまうこと」あるいは「それは終わってしまったこと」を知っている私たち自身の記憶の中の光をも引き出してくるような写真群は大きな反響を呼び、発売から一年と少しで本作は完売しました。 また、刊行時には過ぎ去っていたこの日々の写真が形になって人の目に触れ、多くの人の言葉、多くの人の視線を通して自らの過去を捉え直したことが自分にとって特別だった時間を終えた後の石田の迷いを照らす光となり、写真家としての今につながっています。 長らく在庫切れの状態であった本作ですが、コロナ禍で困難な状況が長く続き、大切な人と物理的に遠く隔てられた人も多いであろう今、第二版を届ける意義があると考え、増刷を決定しました。 印刷に際しては新たに版を作り直し、インクも異なるものを使っているため初版とはまた少し違う発色や艶が生まれています。どうぞお楽しみください。 定価4,000円(税別) A5変形並製 144P ISBN 978-4-909287-03-8 C0072 写真:石田真澄 装丁:米山菜津子 編集:安東嵩史(TISSUE Inc.) We are pleased to announce the reprinting of photographer Masumi Ishida's first collection of works for the 4th year from first publication. In a special environment of an integrated junior high and high school for girls(6 years), where there was same members all the time, Ishida's photographs capture the fleeting glimmer of the days spent with friends, along with the heartache of "one day it will be over". The momentary brilliance recorded in these photographs and the way they seem to bring out the light in our own memories, which we know "one day it will be over" or "it has passed" have caused a great sensation, and this work was sold out in a little over a year after its release. Now we have seen her name in magazines and advertisements, everywhere. Her first step as a photographer was when she realized that "one day it will be over" in her school days, and she began to record them with a kind of fanatic craving. And her photographs were published as this work, "light years", in January 2018. The photographs of those days, which had passed at the time of publication, took shape and were seen by people, and through the words of many people and the gazes of many people, Ishida was able to recapture her past, which became a light that illuminated her hesitation after the special time of high school, and led to his present life as a photographer. This book has been sold out for a long time, but now that the difficult situation caused by COVID-19 has continued for a long time, and many people may have been physically separated from their loved ones for a long time, we believe that it is significant to deliver a second edition. Photography: Masumi Ishida Art Direction: Natsuko Yoneyama Editorial Direction: Takafumi Ando (TISSUE Inc.) ISBN 978-4-909287-03-8 C0072

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